We get so many questions about what our favorite products are besides Kratom, Kava Kava, Amanita muscaria, Blue Lotus/Lily, Morning Glory/HBWR Seeds (always Top Sellers), but to be honest, it can be quite a difficult question to answer as new products are being discovered all the time.  Our favorites also change from time to time as well, so in response, we decided to add this section of the website, where we post our favorites from the shop and why we feel that way.

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HERBAL BUDS & SMOKING BLENDS: After releasing the classic Dreamer’s Blend, Morphing Blend, and Diviner’s Three, we found a company called SweetSmoke Herbs who decided to take on the Herbal Buds manufacturers who they felt were price gouging their customers, starting a line of Herbal Buds, Herbal Smoking Blends, and the now famous Lucid/Chill Herbal Smoking Blend. We feel that Lucid/Chill not only rivals the famous “Spice”; but is more potent and effective at a fraction of the price (And it’s Legal Worldwide!). Druid Mood Blend was our Top Seller until Lucid/Chill came along.

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DREAMING HERBS: We have spent a great deal of time, energy, and money to bring you the best herbs used by various cultures to enhance and stimulate dreaming. Some are old favorites such as CALEA ZACATECHICHI, but others are new herbs and blends that we have found through our travels. One of our new favorites is a blend of HOLY BASIL SEEDS and PATCHOULI. This is one of the best and most pleasant blends we have ever found to enhance dreaming. We have added an entire section of the website just for dreaming.

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VEGAN CHOCOLATE: How is chocolate related to Shamanic traditions? The cocoa bean was actually considered the ultimate status symbol in the Mayan and Aztec cultures. They used the beans as currency and those wealthy enough to have an excess of beans use them to make a chocolate drink that not only acted as an aphrodisiac, it was a chemical trigger for the release of endorphins in the brain. Also, since we use nothing dairy or synthetic in our chocolate, we can claim that it is actually healthy for you AND delicious at the same time. Cacao is a bean, just like soybeans or coffee, and is delicious and good for you at the same time.

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NATURAL SUPERFOODS: We can’t begin to explain the excitement we have over the new line of Maca products we carry. It’s an ancient Shamanic plant from the Incan culture and was a privileged supplement for the noble due to its highly nutritional properties, as well as it’s invigorating, energetic, and sexual properties. Maca was actually considered a staple of royalty, and was as valued as gold for quite some time. Our line of Maca products that includes Krispy Maca, Maca Granola, and our personal favorites; Maca Energy Shots. This is part of a growing line of products we offer that incorporate Shamanic plants into foods such as Hemp Protein, Cacao Beans, and more.

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ENERGIZING HERBS: After the Ephedra scare and ephedra was banned a few years ago, something needed to take its place. That herb is known as Bala Root (Sida Cordifolia). It’s a safe, all-natural energy boost that will catapult you through your day. It’s immensely effective when used in conjunction with Celastrus (or Cognihance), a clinically-proven cognitive enhancer that increases memory, and one of a number of natural energy boosters we offer. A hidden gem, though, is our Ginseng 25x Extract that will completely re-define what you think about Ginseng. We’ve crafted it into an extremely powerful fluffy white powdered extract that may make you wonder how you’ve never known about this powerful and effective stimulant until now.

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PROTECTIVE HERBS: Many people don’t realize that we carry a large line of protective herbs such as Reishi, that have been clinically-proven to both aid in healing and protecting the body, to decreasing cancerous cells, to a number of other properties such as tangibly decreasing the body’s response to daily stressors. We have HoneyBush and Rooibos Tea, the super antioxidants, to Milk Thistle that has a long use for reversing mushroom poisoning as well as other properties, to Hemp Seed Oil that nurtures and protects the body, to a number of other herbs known everywhere except the Western world for their healing properties.

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