Herbal Alternatives & Buds

We got tired of bad service and the exorbitant prices that are being charged for many of the herbal smoking products. In response, we offer a line of herbal smoking blends, with a smooth taste, even smoke, with effects that give a pleasant repose that lasts longer than one might expect. We also carry a complete line of rolling papers and grinders as well.





This flagship product is one of the most amazing products we have ever encountered here at the shop.  Not only is it 100% legal everywhere in the world, it is one of the most pleasant and effective herbal smoking blends we have found.  It comes in its own colorful, reusable pouch and has rolling papers included.  Read more HERE.


Sugar gum is as simple as it sounds, gum actually made from sugar. Acacia (Arabic) gum, on the other hand, is harmlessly extracted from the Acacia tree*. These are both the only two forms of true 100% NATURAL GUM. Both gums stick very well as long as they are moistened properly. These gums require only a gentle lick to moisten the gum line. Unfortunately, smokers often lick too much. This can “lick off” the gum and potentially cause the paper not to stick. A good tip is to moisten the gum line from the back side of the paper. All of the Zen, Elements, Rollies, Chills, Raw, Brown Sugar and flavored/printed papers use these truly natural gums. These gums are perfect for your vegan/vegetarian or environmentally friendly minded customers. One way to know for certain if a paper uses 100% natural Vegetarian Gum is to see where it is made. If you see “made in Spain”, then the paper definitely uses Sugar or Acacia based natural gum since both factories in Spain use only Vegetarian gums.

*Acacia rolling paper gum is derived from the resins of a a particular kind of African Acacia tree – the Acacia Senegalese. This Acacia variety was best know in the days of the pharaohs, today it has become more rare. these Acacias are slow growing desert trees. It is said their roots spread out as far as 20 kilometers. Now the tree is native only in Sudan, although it has also come to be cultivated on small farms in Mali, Niger and Senegal. Rolling paper factories use gum from both these sources, the wild and the domesticated. Acacia resin, once tapped from the trees, is dissolved in water, filtered, pasteurized and turned into a fine powder 100% pure, 100% Virgin. It is a completely chemical-free substance, with no additives of any kind. It passes the highest known food standard parameters; it has neither taste nor calories; it even possesses mildly beneficial characteristics, being a natural cholesterol reducer.


RAW is the newest, most exciting paper to hit the market in years. Created in the spirit of additive free-cigarettes and an overall market trend towards less-processed items this new paper is an unbleached blend of rice and flax that is easily distinguished by its natural brown hue. Although RAW has just been introduced, sales and tests have been extremely strong and demand has been amazing. One thing that we noticed is that repeat sales are stronger for this product than any other paper we have ever introduced! The paper itself is so thin that it’s translucent and features sugar based gum rather than chemical glue. Available in 1 1/4 & King Size; give your customers what they want, a more natural way to enjoy smoking.


Rice papers burn with almost ZERO ASH! Pure rice papers are just that, NO chemicals, NO pulp and NO hemp. Over the past ten years we watched more and more people jump into the Hemp Paper market, we realized that most new companies were trying to ride a marketing wave. They relied mostly on marketing and catchy names to sell their products, rather than the quality of the actual paper. To counter the trend and as a dedication to fond memories of the past, we decided to return to the “ELEMENTS” of smoking. Thus we designed a new paper made from pure rice, pressed it to make it ultra slow burning and incredibly thin. Then we added just a thin strip of Acacia Gum. The result is probably the best rolling paper ever produced by man. Elements burn with zero ash, except for a tiny line of residue caused by the Arabic gum turning into caramel as it burns. Not surprisingly, Elements have become our most successful rolling paper and are now a top selling brand across the globe! We are very proud of the Elements and customer response has been incredible.


“This is just to let you know that my order came in today. I am very pleased with the service I’ve received. I recently got ripped off for about $100 from another online company so I was hesitant about ordering from someone else. You can rest assured that I’ll be doing business with you from now on.  Thanks for the great service! – Tom