Hey, why don’t you offer MHRB, P. Viridis, and Cebil/Yopo specimens?

Many have asked us why we don’t offer MHRB, Psychotria Viridis, and Cebil/Yopo products, so we thought we would offer a direct response here on the site:

We have been leading our own personal fight to provide consenting adults with access to the vast array of plants that have such a rich, sacred history in both Shamanism and indigenous cultures in various parts of the world for several years now, but we also like to provide complete peace of mind to all of our customers. So, even though there was no direct action the government has suddenly taken (it was actually quite the opposite when it came to a recent Ayahuasca case that the government lost), we like to give our customers complete peace of mind when shopping with us. We have always gone out of our way to remain completely legal, consulting with people like Glen Richard Boire of the CCLE, as well as our own highly-skilled legal team, who specialize in both DEA and FDA matters. We have set up our business within the parameters of the law, all the way down to having the proper licensing or even posters displayed in our shop; and we are probably more legal than many other businesses that operate, period!

This way, we can assure ourselves and every one of our customers, that we are operating within the exact parameters of the law, and that we will not be unfairly prosecuted at some time in the future for offering any plants that may have moved onto the radar screens of the DEA or become their new crusade, while they continue to ignore the real problems that face us and our youth. Ultimately, our customers come first, and though we will make less money each month as a result, it will assure our freedom to offer all the other beautiful, high quality plants and products that we have offered for so little for a long time to come.

We simply want the freedom to exercise our right to have these plants on our Shamanic altars, or to study them, or to have them around us as a reminder of the rich and sacred traditions of dying cultures that we hold so dear, but the Federal Government has given indirect indications that they wish to make even that difficult to impossible, while they sit idly by and let illegal prescription medication, alcohol, and tobacco kill literally hundreds of thousands of people each and every year.

As a respected advisor said: “I realize you are selling only plant products, but you should still follow the research chemical cases found at for reference:

These give some insight into how the DEA is concerned about addressing the ‘gray areas’ of the controlled substance laws. The substances involved in these cases are not so clearly ‘illegal,’ but the Analogue Act was invoked to help prosecute these cases. Your company is completely different and distinct, but it’s good to keep an eye on what the DEA is thinking to keep yourselves safe from any trouble.”

So, take complete comfort that you’re NOT breaking ANY laws by ordering ANY products from our site, you are NOT a criminal because you want to possess, research, or grow beautiful plants and flowers with sacred histories, you won’t be “tracked down” for doing something COMPLETELY legal (no one has ever been arrested for ordering legal herbal products on the web). Just because the FDA hasn’t approved all herbs such as Yohimbe Bark, Kava Kava, Calea Zacatechichi, Kratom, and others, does not mean that they haven’t been used safely for thousands of years by indigenous and foreign cultures. The products on our sites have harmed ZERO people, but tobacco, alcohol, and prescription medication claim hundreds of thousands of lives every year. So, please know your rights, and exercise your cognitive liberties without fear, before you are bullied into giving them up against your wishes.

We will keep you posted right here if we decide to change our minds and carry our Mimosa and P. Viridis products again. Countless other sites still offer these products, as they have for years, but we prefer to keep our customers completely safe from any prying eyes, especially with the enactment of the Patriot Act, the Rave Act, the impending Patriot Act II, as well as the widening Drug War that is taking hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars from us each and every hour of the day; know how your rights are being taken from you, and please exercise your right to vote whenever possible.